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Red Dead Redemption 2 Understanding the Wanted system

The bounty and wanted system in Red Dead Redemption 2 is complex, and deliberately so, but once you understand the system, you can avoid getting a bounty ever again.   Rockstar doesn’t give too much explicit detail on how exactly the bounty system works, and at first everything will feel a little random. You are told that using a mask […]

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Red Dead Redemption 2 will let you use your tablet as a map, no pausing required

The bigger these massive GTA-style sandbox games get, the harder it becomes to remember where the hell everything is. Even with Spider-Man, a game set in a loose recreation of a city I’ve been to a bunch of times, I found myself pausing to see the map and reorient myself every other mission. Rockstar doesn’t want you having to pause Red Dead Redemption 2, its massively awaited title that’ll finally land later this week. Hell, they’re happy to let you turn the on-screen map and HUD off entirely, if you think it’s killing the immersion. That’s why the company just announced the aptly named “Red Dead Redemption 2 Companion App.” Download the app to your iOS or Android device, link […]

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Red Dead Redemption 2: three hours with the most anticipated game of the year

Rockstar Games upcoming wild west adventure is a step forward for virtual world realism and a reminder that cowboys, too, had to face up to modernity Left to my own devices with Red Dead Redemption 2 for a few hours, I was expecting to see sweeping open plains interrupted by mesas, dusty frontier towns with swing-door saloons and wary inhabitants, and a gang of crusty outlaws sharing stories around a campfire then riding through the woods on their way to a shootout. This astounding virtual wild west models itself on the classic Hollywood image of that time, the same fantasy as depicted in Westworld. What I wasnt expecting in my brief preview was a city, Saint Denis, modelled on turn-of-the-century […]

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Marvel Spider-Man PS4 Secret Photo Op spots.

Cause we all got a secret photographer inside of us. Financial District Secret Photo Op spot (8 Photos)   1. Statue of Liberty Lady Liberty 2. Lockjaw Statue Lockjaw the bulldog ohh I see what they did there. 3. Bougainvillea Building Flower Art 4. The Pylon Art in Battery park 5. New York Pier Sign Down by the Pier 6. Auerbach […]

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Best Builds to Start with In Dark Souls 3

Start as a knight or pyromancer, pending on whether you want melee or a magic build to being with. Level Vigor to 27 First Dmg comes later and you don’t want to miss out on all that extra sexy health After you get Vigor to 27 Keep leveling it but split the points up between damage and health. Melee Build […]

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Best Build to start with in Bloodborne

Starting Origin: Lone Survivor The reason for this choice is it has the lowest priority stats, Bloodtinge and Arcane, at 7. It starts with a healthy quantity of Vitality giving you room to take damage as you level up and increase Skill, the build’s primary stat. You may also choose Milquetoast if you would like your firearm to hit a […]

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Nioh; Where to find Umi-bozu Eyestone

Umi-bozu’s Eyestone is a rare materiel dropped by the Umi-bozu boss. This material is used to create the Fanatics Armor Set. Where To Find Umi-Bozu’s Eyestone in Nioh: The Umi-Bozu’s Eyestone is dropped from the Umi-bozu boss from “The Ocean Roars Again” Mission in the region of Chugoku. In order to craft the Fantastic set, 1 Umi-Bozu’s Eyestone is needed […]

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To buy or not to buy? Nioh

An action role playing game based off of Japan’s Sengoku era a time ravaged by ghost aka Yokai and spirits. Buy this game if you love Bloodborne. Buy this game if you liked Darksouls 3 and Bloodborne but thought it was too hard. Nioh is easier and flows great, the story quickly makes sense and its just a smoother ride. […]

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The Witcher 3, Gwent Rare/Hero Card Locations.

Name Power Type Ability Location   Bran Leader Units affected by inclement weather only lose half their strength. can be won from the Ducal Camerlengo in Beauclair. Kambi 0 Front-Line Summon Avenger – When removed from play, this card is replaced by a powerful Hero card. Can be won from the Armorer to the north of the Nilfgaardian embassy in […]

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Strongest Weapon’s In Darksiders 2

The Strongest weapon u can find is a possessed one. Reason being is the leveling feature and the ability to customize the weapons stats, just make sure the last weapon fed has the proper stats to add to the possessed weapon. The best stats in my opinion are. Life Steal STR Frost Dmg Crit Chance Wrath Steal