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League of Legends 0

How do you feel about the new Guardian Angel?

B.F Sword??? Whaaaaat. When I first encountered this I didn’t know what to make of it. Was it strong enough to make a difference in fights? Powerful enough to keep me alive? Id Say yeah. Perfect starting item …well maybe not this first or second item but for sure the 4th. Nice balance. Gives you a second chance if you […]

League of Legends 0

LoL’s Two New Tank items. Adaptive Helm & Gargoyle Stoneplate. Tank You.

The league has decide that we need more tank items and who am I to disagree. I’ve used Both Adaptive Helm & Gargoyle Stoneplate…hell I’ve even used them both together. Adaptive Helm is awesome against any AP user. It gives enough health, CDR and magic resist to stay alive in fights. The unique passive also works very well in team fights, specially when […]