Sean my man. I am so sorry that you have turned into Skal instead of a Sexy Akon, like yours truly. Chapter 3 is here and “Bad Fame Follows man” I have to make a decision on what to do with your life.

Like with Dorothy, you have three choices - What should I do with Sean Hampton in Vampyr? - Important decisions - Vampyr Game Guide

Spare Him

Personally you are not ready to embrace or turn anyone. So you spare him. If you choose this option Sean Hampton will live and say he has is hunger under control… but that’s a dam lie. The very next muff day the hunger takes over him. Sean Hampton turns into a flesh hungry Skal sparking him to kill peaceful Skals and residents near his shelter. He will comeback more powerful then ever creating a difficult fight. If you manage to slay him he will give you good exp.

Turn Him

So you have decided to take pity on the Clergy man and turn him into your very own prodigy. In order to do that you have to first unlock all of his hints and spend some of your precious exp (500 to be exact). Once those perquisite are done you turn him. He will still be a Skal but his hunger and urged to kill will be mastered. Sean Hampton will also still continue to work at the hostel and help his flock.

Embrace Him

You have been around the block long enough to know something is not adding up. You think to yourself if I kill and suck him dry right here, right now you gonna get a lot of exp as well as one less problem to deal with. Flip side tho, the next day that district is going to be a mess and the overall health of it will go down… draaastically.

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