How to Stagger and increase bonus to 300%.

In Final Fantasy 7 remake we are introduced to the stagger system. Now how the stagger system works goes a little something like this. The more you hit the enemy the more its focus gauge will Increase, which is the peach color bar underneath the enemies health. Hitting the enemies weakness will increase the focus bar more quickly, in some instances activating pressure.

When the enemy is being pressured attacks and spells against it will increase the targets focus bar significantly. While the enemy is in a pressured state Cloud’s ATB Skill “Focus Thrust” will increase the enemies Focus bar Tremendously, hopefully causing them to stagger.

Once Staggered The enemy is vulnerable to all attacks and won’t be able to fight back. This would be the best opportunity to use a limit break or a powerful ATB Skill to do massive dmg. To do even more dmg one must increase the stagger bonus gauge.

The best way to do this is by using Tifa. Every time You use Tfia ATB Skill “Unbridled Strength” her Triangle button attack changes to Omni strike, then when you use it once more it will change to Rise And Fall. These attacks will increase the stagger bonus gauge by a lot! Keep cycling through these moves while the enemy is staggered and you will reach the 300 bonus stagger goal. A trophy will be awarded to you once you have reached this feat.

You can also increase the stagger bonus by using Tifa’s True Strike Skill. To get this Skill you will need to acquire Tifas Purple Pain gloves. Which can only be obtained in chapter 16. Shinra Building on the 1st floor.

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