So you want to get into Decking Huh? Not to be confused with.. Ahem, off topic. Well we have some info that may help you do just that.

Decking uses Int, So once you have a point there and a point in Decking you will be able to equip your first Decker.

Screenshot (20)

Decker’s can be bought from the Hommie Maximum Law.Screenshot (24)

but you will not be able to equip That said Decker without having the Necessary implants/Cyberware.Screenshot (23)

In Order to get that Cyberware you will have to pay a visit to the “Doctor” If you will. In Chrome Alley. Doesn’t look like an alley but a name is name am I right.Screenshot (21)

There you will find Ten-Armed Ambrose who will give you the upgrades you have been looking for The “Data Jack.” You can get the one for the head or the one for the hand.  once you have installed that Cyberware you will be good to go for some serious Decking.Screenshot (22)

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