Ahh materials the building blocks of game upgrades. Where are you… I need you, make me more… The Board: < Powerful/In charge >

The Board: < Material whereabouts/ location of parts >

Material Name Location
Undefined Reading Executive sector
House Memory Executive sector
Ritual Impulse Maintenance sector
Threshold Remnant Maintenance sector
Intrusive Pattern Research sector
Astral Blip Research sector
Remote Thought Containment sector
Entropic Echo Containment sector
Hidden Trend ‘Alpha’ Very rare. Found in crates, it is not..

Reward for completing Bureau alerts.

Possibly Dropped by Hiss Warped.

Untapped Potential ‘Delta’ Reward for killing side mission bosses.

  • “Old Growth” tricky boss Mold-1 drops one.
  • Reverse Jesse drops 1″Self-Reflection” mirror mission.
  • Mr Tommasi
Corrupted Sample Mold (obtained in any sector from Mold Enemies)

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