Looking for a place to burn all your hard earned money? Not just any place tho…some place private, secret even. Then Kyushu NO. 1  Star Restaurant maybe be the place you are looking for.

This Substory can be started in Chapter 4, its called The Price of An F-Cup. Below is a map where can you find the location as to where Substory/quest begins.

Substory #1 - The Price Of An F-Cup

Oh No! Another Damsel in distress, dam these streets are dangerous but they are no match for the Dragon of Dojima! Once you rescue this suspiciously flirty whore she will want to repay you with a few drinks. After one drink with her, shes gonna ask you for another around but if you take a close look at the glass its a different color from the first. hey bartender did you slip something in my drank!?

If you are like freak it, bottoms up! things start to get hazy and you end up in the alley robbed of a considerable amount of cash. You then have to hunt down the vixen, once caught she will tell you its not me its the bar! Return to the bar and dish out some fist of justice. So Drink the first time but then refuse to drink anything further. Eventually you’ll have to United States Smash everyone in the bar. Refuse to let them go and . . They will tell you about a secret casino and the password needed to get inside.

Here are some Items You can exchange for with the chips you win.

Secret Casino prize List

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