Your Guide To Crafting MK 11 Items




Amulet of Lost Souls x10 Lift Opponent Necromantic Runestone + Outworld Steel
Amulet of Shinok Key Item for Krypt door Ensorcelled Demon’s Heart+ Ensorcelled Gem of Trapped Souls + Ensorcelled Eye of a Dragon
Ancestral Katana x10 Cut down opponent Element of Order + Handful of Flux
Ash of Vrbada x10 Throw a smoke bomb Dragon Flame + Suspended Osh-Tekk Sunlight
Ball of Coagulated Blood x10 3 Vamp Bat strike Opp. Coagulated Vampire Blood + Crystalline Shard
Blackened Sickle Noob Sidekick Coagulated Vampire Blood + Krystalline Shard + Synthetic Fibre
Bloodied Sai x10 Throw Chaotic Sai at Opponent Coagulated Vampire Blood + Krypt Spider Silk
Bloodied Tonfa x10 Chuck a Tonfa bonking them twice Handful of Flux + Tygorr Hide
Broken Quiver x10 Stuns Opponent Serpent Scales + Lost Soul Essence
Chaotian Era Chaos Geras Sand Battery Dregs of the Hourglass + Element of Order + Stabilized Chaos
Charged Knuckle Duster x 10 Shock Opponent Circuitry Bundle + Bottled Thunder + Copper Plating
Coins Make 5000 coins Gold ore + Gold ore + Copper Plating
Crown of the Fallen Prince x10 Lifts /traps Opponent Essence of Edenian Magic + Lost Soul Essence
Cyber Communicator x10 Pops Opponent Up Circuitry Bundle + Motherboard
Cyber Snare x10 Snare opponent Copper Plating + Frayed Wiring
Darkling Weevils D’Vorah Swarm Grotesque Mutated Larva + Ground Bone Dust + Zaterran Venom Sac
Eager Partner Kung Lao Razor Hat Ill Fitting Dull Bladed Hat + Element of Order + Elder God’s Spark
Ethereal Armor Armor Element of Order + Essence of Edenian Magic + Copper Plating
Fists of Cold Steel x10 Series of Landed Punches Freeze Opponent Essence of Frost + Krypt Spider Silk
Flash Grenade x10 Throw Flash Grenade Carbon Film Resistor + Copper Plating
Force Ball x10 Pops Opponent Up Serpent Scales + Suspended Osh-Tekk Sunlight
Frost Core Fragment x10 Immune to all ICE based modifier Circuitry Bundle + Powered Core
Gourd of the Eight Immortals x10 Stun Opponent Copper Plating + Elder God’s Spark
Hearts 50 Hearts Coagulated Vampire Blood x2 + Element of Order
Homing Missile x10 Launch Tekunin Missile Frayed Wiring + Miniature Explosive Charge
Hunter Killer Sonya K.A.T. Turret Antique Training Manual + Circuitry Bundle + Frayed Wiring
Intimidator Shao Kahn Warhammer Dragon King Heart + NetherRealm Magna + Meteorite Dust
Kuai Liang’s Frosty Arsenal Black powder + Lin Kuei Bombshell + Unbroken Fuse
Kunai of Hisso Scorpion Spear Taven’s Sword + Necromatic Runestone + NetherRealm Magma
Kytinn pheromones x10 Summon D’vorah Coagulated vampire blood + Cordite + Kytinn Spittle
Left Hot Shottie Jacqui Left Gauntlet Busted Black Market Gauntlet + Motherboard + Charged Capacitors
Licensed to Fight Johnny Cage Buckle Remnants of a Broken Trophy + Krypt Spider Silk + Gold Ore
Liquid Nitrogen Filled Explosives x10 Freeze Opponent Cordite + Minature Explosive Charge
Lit Shades Summon Jhonny Cage Remnants of a Broken Trophy + Krypt Spider Silk + ?
Liu Kang’s Headband x 10 Summon Liu Kang Dragon Flame + Element Of Order + Copper Plating
Maelstrom Bringer Raiden Medallion Magically Sealed Amulet + Elder God’s Spark + Bottled Thunder
Meteorite Core x10 Ignite Opponent Meteorite Dust +Outworld Steel
Mistress of Bojutsu Jade Mask Mileena’s Veil + Krypt Spider Silk + Essence of Edenian Magic
Napalm Missiles x10 Ignite Opponent Circuitry Bundle + Miniature Explosive Charge
Necromancer’s Rune x10 Places rune that grants armor Ground Bone Dust + Necromantic Runestone
Nitara’s Gemstone x10 Blood based modifier damage reduced 50% Coagulated Vampire Blood + Cordite + Fragment of Order
Noble Kahn’s Lynx Macana Kotal Kahn Macana Splintered Machuathitl + Stabilized Chaos + Outworld Steel
Oni Scrotebag Kollector Satchel Torn sack + Tygorr hide + Krypt Spider Silk
Outworld Warrior Extract Skarlet Blood Vial Empty Shattered Vial + Coagulated Vampire Blood + Ground Bone Dust
Poison Claws x10 Landed Punches Drain Stamina Kytinn spittle + Zaterran Venom Sack
Pronghorn & White-Tail Erron Black Pistol Rusty Antique Pistol + Tygorr Hide + Handful of Flux
Red Dragon Beam Emitter x10 Fire an Energy Beam Carbon Film Resistor + Circuitry Bundle
Reiko’s Shuriken x10 Fires Cluster of Shuriken Bottled Thunder + Outworld Steel
Riot Grenade x10 Lob a Barrage of Grenades Charged Capacitor + Circuitry Bundle
Rods of Penitence Liu Kang Nunchaku Zombie Chains + Leather Strips + Element of Order
Severed Arm of Shinnok x10 Knock opponent back Ground Bone Dust + Suspended Osh-Tekk Sunlight
Severed Head x10 Send Meat to chomp at feet Grave Soil + Necromantic Runestone
Shackle of Sin received noob saibot shadow cleft of the one being Battleworn Helm+ Distilled Tarkatan Rage + Leather Strap
Shadow Ops No-Serial Pistol Cassie Cage Pistol Disassembled Old Pistol + Copper Plating + Outworld Steel
Shard of life x10 Instantly grants 25% health Coagulated Vampire Blood + Element of Order + Copper Plating
Silver Dragon x10 Summon Kung Lao Bottled Thunder + Obsidian Shard + Outworld Steel
Souls Make 250 Souls Lost Soul Essence + Lost Soul Essence + Necromantic Runestone
Space Odysseae Cetrion Living Tendril Ageless Ironbark + Elder God’s Spark + Grave Soil
Special Forces Com x10 Summon Cassie Cage Power Core + Circuitry Bundle + Copper Plating
Takeda’s Kunai x10 Fling 3 exploding kunai that land at opp feet Handful of Flux + Synthetic Fiber
Tekunin Emergency Receiver x10 Summon Cyrax Frayed Wiring + Carbon Film Resistor + Circuitry Bundle
Tremor Spike x10 Drop a boulder on opp head Meteorite Dust + NetherRealm Magma
Venom Laced Missile x10 Drain Stamina Kytinn Spittle + Miniature Explosive Charge
Warrior’s Barbarous Face Baraka Head Gear Battleworn Helm + Distilled Tarkatan Rage + Leather Strap
Water God’s Artifact x10 Knock Back/Freeze Elder God’s Spark + Handful of Flux
Winds of Destiny Kitana War Fan Sindel’s Brush + Essence of Edenian Magic + Serpent Scales
Wintermeter 9000 Frost Frozen Core Depowered Tekunin Core + Powered Core + Circuitry Bundle

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