If you want to save the tree spirit because you all about that green life, you’ll need a woman’s remains, a raven’s feather, and a black wild horse.

It may sound like a lot but the raven’s feather, you got that from the harpy’s nest where johnny ‘voice was. Both the woman’s remains and the horse is easy to find. Just leave the cave and follow your marker to find the woman’s remains. Then follow the marker again to an open field where you will encounter a pack of wild horses. Slowly approach them and use the Axii sign to tame one. Now hop on it and ride that poor unsuspecting horse back to free the tree spirit.

If you do this AFTER starting the main quest “Ladies of the Wood”, the tree will free the children at Crookback Bog, which will upset the hags and I hate say it but Gran you in danger gurl.

If you do this BEFORE starting “Ladies of the Wood”, the tree will renege on the promise of saving the children. But the tree spirit will be freed and Gran WON’T be in danger. Regardless tho the village of Downwarren is going to be done for.

Note: If this quest is done AFTER starting “Ladies of the Wood” it will have a negative impact when it comes to finding Anna, the Bloody Baron’s wife. If the quest is done BEFORE “Ladies of the Wood” Anna won’t be in the same kind of danger.

Killing the Tree Spirit- If you choose to make fire wood out of the Tree Spirit, the tree will put up a shield and summon three Endreagas.
When you kill the giant bugs the tree’s shield will drop, that’s the chance to go to town on the tree spirit. It will put its defenses back up, rinse and repeat one more time and Tree spirit will be toast or in this case paper.
The Crones will be satisfied, which is good for Gran and the village of Downwarren, but the children…… why is-int anyone thinking about the children?
Note: This decision will affect the outcome when it comes to finding the Bloody Baron’s wife, Anna, in a positive way.
Your choice on this quest will have an impact in the side quest “Return to Crookback Bog” which will determine the fate of Baron and his wife, the orphans of Crookback Bog, and the nearby village of Downwarren. With this quest done, you may continue with “Ladies of the Wood.”
PS: If you want to save both Gran (and in turn the Bloody Baron) and the Whispering Hillock, you must do this quest first before starting the quest “Ladies of the Wood”.

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