Deus Ex: Mankind Divide The Bank or Allison that is the question?

Which should you choose – Allison or the Bank?

If you choose Allison

  • The bank mission will be lost forever.
  • There’s lots of aug enemies who’ll drop items like Neuropozyne, Biocells and other aug-useful items.
  • Miller at TF29 will be happy with you no matter the overall outcome of the mission.
  • When you finally get to Allison, persuade her correctly, that in turn will make some progress in his investigation and you’ll receive an item you can use towards the very end of the game to help you to save lives.
  • The item you get can have a firm impact on a later missions in the game as well but the same is true of the item received in the Bank Heist mission.
  • You won’t be able to use Versalife vault elevator because the card for that one can’t be found outside of main story mission.

If you choose the Bank

  • Allison will be killed and her intelligence will be lost.
  • The bank mission also lacks the aug enemies. Instead you’ll be fighting Palisade Property Bank security and robots, who’s loot drop is just meh.
  • Miller will be pissed and Allison will die, but your hacker collective friends will be happy.
  • However, the pay-off at the end of this mission is a tad stronger – you’ll get major intel on the Orchid weapon and if you search around more you will find the antidote to the Orchid. The escape root from the bank will grant you access to a lot of juicy loot.
  • Within these vaults you’ll find a rare battle rifle, praxis points, and  more but keep in mind you’ll need decent hacking skills or several multi-tools to get into them.

Personal opinion

I believe The bank Job is more rewarding. The loot is juicer and if you choose to do the Allison mission there is a part of the bank you can never get too again. On top of that if you decided to do the bank mission you can still go to where Allison was after and loot all the dead cultist.

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  1. Realized after I’d done this mission, you can save the game before, do one mission, then re-load the game and do the other. Sounds simple, but I heard it mentioned to me only after I’d chosen the bank, and I never went back to replay the other mission for the sake of a trophy.


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