The more the weapon is used the higher the Weapon Mastery will grow, as the Weapon Mastery grow’s more weapon skills become available. Each weapon poses seven skills, six of them are granted at the following levels of Weapon Mastery: 1, 3, 7, 15, 25, and 50. The seventh skill can only be obtained from the Chara World’s Super Overlord difficulty. Sold only for a small price of 2,000,000 HL each from the Ancient Dojo that triggers from blue “?” event panels.

Axe Skills Axe Skill

Skill NamePowerDescriptionSPStatElementAilmentRangeHeight
Boulder CrushDSuper effective, even against with hardest heads.4ATKNoneDEF↑12/↓12
Yo-Yo TrickD+It’s very popular with kids in the Netherworld!12ATKNoneDEF↑18/↓18
Wild CrescentDThere’s nothing I can do about it.24ATKNoneDEF↑12/↓12
Silver SluggerC+Slam it to the ends of the galaxy!48ATKNoneDEF↑12/↓18
Gravity HammerCNot to be used for carpentry.96ATKStarDEF↑24/↓30
Dynamic MoonS+Shattered dreams are what broke the stars.160ATKNoneDEF↑36/↓24
El DiabloE+The ultimate axe skill that counts as a WMD.255ATKNoneDEF↑24/↓24

Bow Skills Bow Skill

Skill NamePowerDescriptionSPStatElementAilmentRangeHeight
Rapid ArrowFIt’s the Prinnies’ job to collect the arrows afterward.4ATK/HITNone4↑18/↓18
DoppelgangerFIt’s not an illusion, I don’t think…12ATK/HITNone3↑24/↓18
ZielregenF+Today’s weather is sunny with a chance of arrows.24ATK/HITWind4↑20/↓24
Chaotic X CircleE+I always liked magic circles.48ATK/HITNone3↑12/↓12
Sword InfernoB+The swords used in this skill are only metaphorical.96ATK/HITNone7↑24/↓30
Galaxy CometC+A somewhat annoying skill of galactic proportions.160ATK/HITStar4↑36/↓48
Fire Dragon GodsCThe ultimate bow skill from another dimension.255ATK/HITFire3↑24/↓28

Fist Skills  Fist Skill

Skill NamePowerDescriptionSPStatElementAilmentRangeHeight
Triple StrikeDHitting 3 times never felt so good!4ATK/SPDNone↑12/↓12
Phantom BlowEGuess which one’s the real one.12ATK/SPDNone↑12/↓18
Hurricane BlowC+Looks angry because there’s a hand in his eyes…24ATK/SPDWind↑24/↓12
Purgatory PalmD+I will strike with a demonic look on my face.48ATK/SPDNone↑18/↓18
Rising DominationARise with a critical uppercut and fall head first. (Blow)96ATK/SPDNone↑24/↓24
Big BangC[Warning] Images of this skill are just a reenactment.160ATK/SPDStar↑36/↓36
No Way OutS+The ultimate fist skill that will be passed down forever.255ATK/SPDFire↑18/↓18

Gun Skills Gun Skill

Skill NamePowerDescriptionSPStatElementAilmentRangeHeight
Tri-BurstEAn intellectual skill that takes ricochets into account.4SPD/HITNoneSPD5↑12/↓18
Victory BulletF+I-I think you won!12SPD/HITNoneSPD4↑12/↓24
Shotgun CraftE+Is this an approved use of magic circles?24SPD/HITFireSPD4↑12/↓16
Homing EraserDLead the target to the bullet. Change your perspective.48SPD/HITNoneSPD5↑24/↓16
Top ShotD+You’re over doing it a little…96SPD/HITNoneSPD3↑32/↓32
Toten KreuzC+That’s hot…160SPD/HITFireSPD5↑24/↓48
CocytusDThe ultimate gun skill that will go down in history.255SPD/HITIceSPD4↑24/↓48

Spear Skills Spear Skill

Skill NamePowerDescriptionSPStatElementAilmentRangeHeight
Impaler DropG+No belly buttons were hurt, so calm down.4ATKNoneParalysis↑12/↓16
Thousand PiercingsEIt may not actually contain 1,000 piercings…12ATKNone↑12/↓18
Spear GateEDon’t talk about the spears from the magic circle.24ATKNone↑24/↓12
Phoenix ValorDThe flaming wings will burn a little…48ATKFire↑18/↓24
Tornado SparkE+The wind blowing in your face just looks ridiculous.96ATKWind↑18/↓18
Divine TridentCMy, what a giant fork…160ATKNone↑36/↓30
Meteor Sky SpearC+The Netherworld famous ultimate spear skill.255ATKNone↑24/↓24

Sword Skills Sword Skill

Skill NamePowerDescriptionSPStatElementAilmentRangeHeight
Blade RushFAll Overlords learn this move to get stronger.4ATKNone↑12/↓12
Killer SpinDIt’s spinning more than usual.12ATKNone4↑24/↓18
ExcavationE+Because Demon Murder Skill, Excavation, is too long.24ATKNone↑12/↓18
Vacuum Slice XDI’m at an age where I want to cut Xs into everything.48ATKNone↑18/↓24
Rising HeavensDA clever move for attacking from above.96ATKNone↑18/↓24
Neodimension SlashCYou must be good if you can slash dimensions.160ATKNone↑48/↓64
Super CrosslordSThe ultimate sword skill that future fencers will love.255ATKNone3↑32/↓32

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