Start as a knight or pyromancer, pending on whether you want melee or a magic build to being with.

Level Vigor to 27 First

  • Dmg comes later and you don’t want to miss out on all that extra sexy health
  • After you get Vigor to 27 Keep leveling it but split the points up between damage and health.

Melee Build

  • Use the “Raw” gem and infuse it to whatever weapon you wielding at the time. It will give you enough damage to mid-late game. Reinforce the weapon as often as you can.
  • Ending build recommended is 27 Str and 40 Dex this will allow you try nearly every weapon in the game besides the ones that uses spells.
  • Sprinkle In Endurance as needed.

Pyromancer Build

  • Reinforce the Pyro Flame regularly
  • After 27 Vigor points start leveling damage stats
  • raise intelligence to 30 and Dexterity to 30  sprinkle faith and endurance as needed

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