Starting Origin: Lone Survivor

The reason for this choice is it has the lowest priority stats, Bloodtinge and Arcane, at 7. It starts with a healthy quantity of Vitality giving you room to take damage as you level up and increase Skill, the build’s primary stat. You may also choose Milquetoast if you would like your firearm to hit a little harder.

Stats to aim for at level 30…

Vitality: 18P

Vitality is a safety stat. Though you can earn back your health if you attack promptly after being hit, there are many attacks in the game that can take a huge chunk of your health away. Having a buffer is important during your first play-through of the game when you’re still learning enemy patterns.

Endurance: 1 6

Attacking and dodging drain your stamina rapidly. 16 is a sweet spot for Endurance for the first portion of the game as it allows you to swing about five times with several of the starting weapons, just enough to pummel adversaries such as the Werewolf to death without needing to pause.

Strength: 1 2

With this construct we’re aiming to prioritize Skill. That said, virtually every Skill bonus weapon also relies somewhat on Strength for its multiplier. So, you’ll want to place a point or two in this.

Skill: 20

This is your primary damage stat. The important thing to drive home here is that since you’re a Skill focused character. Therefore, you want to equip weapons that have a high bonus in Skill. Early on you’ll have trouble determining anything better than a C value( i.e. Threaded Cane ), but later on you’ll find solid options.

Bloodtinge: 7

The pistols in Bloodborne are best used for stunning enemies mid-attack. There’s little benefit to be had from placing phases into Bloodtinge unless you’re willing to farm for ammo. It’s too scarce to be used frequently for killing enemies.

Arcane: 7

Same as Strength, but even less beneficial with most of the Skill-oriented weapons.

After level 30…

Continue to focus on Skill and strength. You will want to raise Endurance and vitality every 5 or so levels. If you find yourself enjoying weapons that get a healthy bonus from Strength and Skill, you may decide to balance your points between the two. Or, if you end up wanting to use your firearm for damage, you can place a few points in Bloodtinge.

Starting Weapons


Threaded Cane

The only starting weapon that gets a decent bonus from Skill is the Threaded Cane with its C rating. I recommend beginning with this weapon. Short into the escapade you can purchase the Saw Spear from the vendor in Hunter’s Dream. It has a D rating in Skill, but you may prefer its attack pattern.

Hunter Blunderbuss

You’re going to be weaving side to side in melee range, and the Hunter Blunderbuss is simply more dependable for stun hitting than the Hunter Pistol due to its spread.

Style of Play

Skill bonus weapons tend to be lighter hitting, but quicker than their Strength counterparts. So, playing a build with a focus in Skill is all about being light on your feet and aggressive.

The key here is to attack quickly and dodge side-to-side( unless an attack type warrants a back-step ). Always be cautious of your Stamina, as running out at the wrong day can mean eating a dangerous blow.

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