The Solution to this Problem is Right Mid Left Right. How? you are ask yourself this and I am here to provide you an answer.

You will find Initiate’s note that tells you to ring the largest bell second… But does it really tho? It says “Struck the largest bell first rather then second.” Confusing! Maybe it teaches us to think out side the box and try things that may not always be what they seem…Clever!

In Your Journal after Talking with the Soul Floating by the pool it tells you the Right bell is first and last. “The First and Last of these tolls apparently is that of the right hand.”

So now we have learned its Right Mid _ Right From this point you just have to guess the right answer It could only be 3 possible solution’s at this point.

There is also a Key. The room behind the bells have it. With a high enough perception you will be able to find it.

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