You can find this pain in the butt Valkyrie in the realm of Alfheim. She is very fast so you have stay on your toes but fear not! She has a weakness! The secret to taking her down is easy! When she dashes to the right her next lunge towards you will be a power punch, dodge to the right to avoid it then use this chance to punish her for it. If she dashes to the left and then lunges towards you she’s gonna do her wing attack into power punch combo! So make sure you are ready to block and then dodge the final punch (if she throws it) sometimes she might dodge back quickly; you freaking tease! If You hear her scream Valkyrie shes about to do her stomp your face out trick so be ready do dodge asap! If she some how gets behind you do your turn and have your shield ready, cause she either is going to throw feathers at you or rush then hit you with her feather cyclone attack.God_of_War_Alfheim_Valkyrie.jpg

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