An action role playing game based off of Japan’s Sengoku era a time ravaged by ghost aka Yokai and spirits.

Buy this game if you love Bloodborne. Buy this game if you liked Darksouls 3 and Bloodborne but thought it was too hard. Nioh is easier and flows great, the story quickly makes sense and its just a smoother ride. Don’t get me wrong there are many moments where I have died and died an died, died, died and died and ooohhh he’s almost dead…. yeah died again. If you are stubborn like me tho, you jump out of that magic shrine somehow and go find your spirit pile! This time I’m summoning a friend which I may add is a lot easier and happens more often. No more having to wait to see if anyone else is looking for a hot adventure. They will just pop right in after your offering but you are only allowed one buddy sorry guys. You can pick the game up Here



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