In Horizon Zero Dawn we follow Alloy who the female Protagonist in this story. The world is covered with machines and every year they seem to get more aggressive and powerful. For some reason Alloy is not like the rest of the kids for she was born without a mother. Through out the game Alloy discover the secrets as to why the machines are here, who are her real parents and the major threat that must be stopped.

Visual: 10/10

It is a beautiful game. The landscapes to the details of every machine and person is awwwwing. The life-like look of each character is amazing. Some of the facial expressions may need a little work but a minute detail to how breath-taking everything else looks.

Alloy Zipline

Music: 10/10

The Music was great.  Big symphony’s, it drew me in…Made me feel something. The battle music gets the heart going, the feeling of each blade strike or arrow release is just more entertaining. The echo’s of Alloy’s voice while in a cave to the cackling of lighting in the air the detail of each sound is beyond. The voiceovers are also very well done with a star cast of voice actors.

Story: 9/10

Horizon Zero Dawn has a very unique and original story. As the Story progress its hard not to be sucked in. There is so much to learn and discover with so many twist and turns. You will laugh, cry and be angry as the story unfolds.

Overview: 10/10

I love Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s the first game that I actually want to play the new game+ and on the most extreme hard mode they have. Top to bottom this open word action rpg game takes up hours of your life and you want it to take more.

Alloy fog

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