Build Your army! Build your settlement, birth your hero and lord to protect, conquer or destroy the land. Choose up to nine different races to start a campaign of agony and triumph!

Gameplay: 8/10

This is a turned based real-time strategy game. Starting out theirs a small army with nothing but oodles of opportunity to be explored or taken. The Advisor who I like to call the voice of wisdom helps the player on the controls, what things do and how to manage settlements, armies and other things . The infrastructures built within TWW produces different items, troops and gold, that with an interesting balance can be used to win the campaign. When it comes to the knitty gritty tho, the actual war…there’s a choice whether to auto resolve or fight the battle yourself. The battles are actually quite fun but they can be long and annoying even with the fast forward option. I often forget where my troops have run off too and 8/10 its better just to fight manually. The army you built you can maneuver across the battlefield in different positions using strategy and key points to with the battle, so keep an eye out there’s lots going.


Visual: 10/10

Its Incredible.The zoom feature goes right up close into the action. visually seeing the Calvary  trample the infantry, the goblins ready the catapults and spells being wrought out on the battlefield. The landscapes, the mountains, the details of each unit which there being at least over 100 different types in TWW is stunning.


Music/SFX: 9/10

Nothing really exciting about the music. Typical Music expected for the genre and tone of TWW. The SFX on the other hand was on point. Each infantry grunt, axe impact, howl of the trees to the voice overs of each faction were well done.

Story: 8/10

Each faction has their own storyline and goes through the game differently. Let’s be honest though, conquering everything is everything. Not to say there is no deep lore in TWW. Each thing that is researched, built and recruited has information or a story about it.

Overview: 8/10

Warning, Total War: Warhammer is highly addicting. Time just freaking fly’s when enthralled in this game and not always because it’s so much fun. The turns can take little while to end. That being said it is an intricate game with lots of factions lore and troops to explore. No regrets owning Total War: Warhammer its fun, entertaining and battling huge army’s with an arm of your own could be any man or woman’s fantasy come true.





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