If you are anything like me and I know you are, after you have used your chocobo in combat for the first time your like hell yeah!  Don’t ever leave me! You laugh, you sing and you slay with your new Chocobo fam. Then it runs away like a hooker when the sun comes up but if you know where to get the goods, im talking that green baby… you got a bird for life. Here are some locations!

  1. Ul’dah Ruby Road Exchange                                                                                                Baron Roarich (10, 9)
  2. Brent Branch Meadows                                                                                              Merchant & Mendor (21.8, 21.1)
  3. The Knot, New Grandia                                                                                                         Maisenta (11, 11)
  4. The Octant, Limsa Lominsa                                                                                                      Bango Zango (9, 11)


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