We all need that quick reminder of what buttons do what at least in the beginning here’s a little help with that. (for the ps4 controller)

  • X                     Dodge/ Sprint / Climb
  • Square           Strike/ Stealth Execution
  • Triangle        Counter/ Brutalize (in stealth)/ Bow Distract/ Attract
  • Circle             Wraith Stun/ Drain (and brand)/ Drop Down
  • L1                   Wraith Vision
  • L2                   Aim Bow / Throw Knife (Tap)
  • R1                   Grab/ Interact/ Use Fire Arrow/ (from above) ride Caragor
  • R2                   (hold) Stealth/ Charge Arrow
  • D-Pad Up       Activate Branded Uruks
  • D-Pad Down  Dispatch


  • Shadow Strike/ Lethal/ Mount  L2 + X/ L2 +Square/ L2 + X
  • Strike from Above                      Ariel R2 + Square
  • Shoulder Charge                         hold X + R1
  • Ground Execution                      R2 + Square
  • Combat Execution                      Triangle + Circle
  • Combat Drain/Brand                  X + Circle
  • Wraith Flash                               Square + X
  • Wraith Burn                                Square + Triangle
  • Storm of Urfael                           L3 + R3 (Joystick Buttons)
  • Flame of Azkar                           Hold L2 + L3+R3
  • Shadow of Acharn                     Hold R2 + L3+R3

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