The Age old question asked through out the millennia of space and time. Boxed or unboxed that is the question. I’ve done some research and I am here to give the pro’s and cons of boxing and unboxing.



  • Visually more appealing outside the box, to the majority.
  • The overall feel and touch of the mint is pleasurable. The curves, the detail the up close and personal interaction.
  • Looks better in a display case.
  • Takes up a lot less space.


  • Harder to dust and keep clean.
  • More Fragile and Vulnerable to accidents.
  • If you forget the name of the figurine you wont have the box to help you.




  • Easier to clean and dust boxes.
  • Able to stack in to a cool wall.
  • Boxes have sleek designs that fit well with each other.
  • The sell value is usually more in boxes.
  • Mint is more protected.
  • Never forget mint name or what edition it hails from.


  • Doesn’t look the best in pictures.
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Cant see full details of the mint.

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