The league has decide that we need more tank items and who am I to disagree. I’ve used Both Adaptive Helm & Gargoyle Stoneplate…hell I’ve even used them both together. Adaptive Helm is awesome against any AP user. It gives enough health, CDR and magic resist to stay alive in fights. The unique passive also works very well in team fights, specially when cc is spewing out of the wazzoo. Perfect defense against Malazhar, Ahri, Swain and other summoners like them. Gargoyle Stoneplate is a light tank item in my opinion. It has a little bit of armor, a little bit of mr… wish it had a little bit of health but maybe that would have been too op. Its Unique ability’s are Steller in team fights though. Not my favorite tank item, I still feel too squishy when using it but I can see it working with heavy tankers such as Garen, Sejuani, and Jarvas.

Adaptive Helm


  • Cost: 2800
  • Build Path: Null-magic mantle + Specter’s Cowl + rejuvenation  beads + 1000
  • +300 Health
  • +55 Magic Resist
  • +100% Base Health Regeneration
  • +10% Cooldown Reduction
  • UNIQUE Passive: Taking magic damage from a spell or effect reduces all subsequent magic damage taken from that spell or effect by 15% for 4 seconds.

2017-05-12 (2)

Gargoyle Stoneplate

Cost: 2500
Build Path: X
+40 Armor
+40 Magic Resist
UNIQUE Passive – Stone Skin: If 3+ enemy champions are nearby, grants 40 bonus Armor and Magic Resist.
UNIQUE Active – Metallicize: For 4 seconds grow in size and gain bonus health equal to 40% of your maximum health but reduce dmg by 60% if stone skin is active health increase becomes 100%.

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